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Construction Accident Lawyer in Hagerstown

Recovering from injuries that happen in a construction zone can be more complicated than other types of personal injury claims. Due to how complex these claims can be, your best shot at the optimal outcome in your claim starts with the guidance of a skilled Maryland construction accident attorney.

Navigating Construction Accident Injury Claims

I am A.J. Serafini, and I have been helping clients throughout the Hagerstown area for more than 12 years. During that time, I have secured multiple settlements and verdicts worth more than one million dollars. My extensive legal experience and my committed representation service at Serafini Law can be your winning advantage in your personal injury claim.

Common Forms Of Construction Accidents

Just passing through a construction zone, either on foot or in a vehicle, can risk serious injuries. In the years I have been representing clients through these accidents, I have helped them recover from accidents such as:

  • Falling equipment or tools
  • Loose or uneven walkways
  • Construction equipment injuries
  • Electrical injuries
  • Neglected hazards

Oftentimes, these injuries are the result of the construction team, but it is possible your injuries were the result of a third party, like a subcontractor. You may have even been a pedestrian or driver injured in a construction area. I can review the details of your accident to determine who is ultimately responsible for your injuries, no matter how extreme they are.

How Your Accident Can Have A Lifetime Of Complications

The consequences of a catastrophic injury can permanently change the way you live. My goal as your legal representation is to help you fight for a settlement that covers the total costs and losses of injuries such as:

  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Extreme muscle damage
  • Memory loss
  • Death

These injuries can cost you in more ways than you imagine, and I can help you secure a settlement that reflects the current and future consequences of your accident.

What Your Construction Accident Claim May Be Worth

Every personal injury settlement is unique, as the final figure is based on the total consequences of the related injuries. When I manage the process of negotiation and litigation in these claims, I fight to maximize the money from these claims to include expenses like:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Relocation and renovation costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical and emotional therapy

If you were injured while on the job, I can also help you through the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim. No matter how complicated your claim may seem, I am prepared to stand by your side through every step of the process.

How I Can Help You After a Construction Accident

As your legal representation in your personal injury claim, my goal is to maximize the compensation you receive while minimizing the time and effort it takes to secure it. You can rest easy and focus on your health while I build the strongest claim possible by gathering evidence and documents, consulting with expert witnesses, and filing paperwork.

As I am working on your case, I will remain in constant contact with you to answer your questions, address your concerns and provide honest feedback about what I am doing for you and how I expect your claim to resolve. You will never feel left in the dark about your claim while I am your personal injury attorney.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

If you were hurt in a construction zone or on a construction site, whether you were working or passing through, contact my Hagerstown office by calling 240-641-1696 or emailing me here. Now is the best time to reach out to me for help that can guide you through your claim, so contact me today.