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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Hagerstown

A motorcycle accident can leave a person on a motorcycle with life-changing injuries, even if they are wearing extensive safety gear like gloves, boots, pants, and a jacket and helmet. Due to how devastating these injuries can be, the victims of a motorcycle accident need to be sure they are getting the full and fair compensation they deserve to cover the cost of their injuries, property damage and recovery.

Skilled Help For Injured Motorcyclists

I am attorney A.J. Serafini, a Maryland lawyer who is dedicated to helping his motorcycle clients recover from their serious injuries. I welcome you to come to my office of Serafini Law if you have been in a motorcycle accident.

What Your Compensation Should Cover

motorcycle rider in black helmet in the countryside

A personal injury claim for a motor vehicle accident should provide a resolution that accounts for the current and future costs of your injuries. As your legal representation, I have more than 12 years of experience earning settlements and verdicts worth over one million dollars, and I am prepared to put that experience to work for you.

When I represent clients in their injury claims, I explore all available options of earning an outcome that accounts for injuries like:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Scarring or burns
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis

I am not a lawyer that can be bullied into accepting lowball settlement offers, and I am committed to standing by my clients throughout any challenges of their injury claims, including negotiation and litigation. While you are tending to your health, you can rest easy knowing I am doing everything in my power to pursue the optimal outcome in your claim. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, I am can pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of your family.

Pursue The Settlement You Need

If you are ready to meet with a Maryland attorney you can depend on throughout your motorcycle injury claim, contact me today. Call my office in Hagerstown at 240-641-1696 or email me here to schedule your free initial consultation.