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Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Maryland

After the extensive work and research you went through to find a nursing home that could provide the care your elder needed, the last thing you want to hear is that they have suffered an injury in that home. After your loved one has experienced a nursing home injury, you and your loved one deserve justice for what has happened.

Defending Elders After Their Nursing Home Injuries

I am A.J. Serafini, a Maryland attorney who is committed to helping his clients earn the outcomes they deserve in their personal injury claims. At Serafini Law, I have secured outcomes in these kinds of claims worth over a million dollars, and this experience can be the advantage you need in your claim.

What May Have Caused Your Incident

With the baby boomer generation beginning to enter nursing homes and the increase in the need of families who need nursing home assistance, the staff at these homes are getting stretched thin. When a single staff member is responsible for more residents than ever, it can just be a matter of time before one of the residents suffers a serious injury.

How A Resident Can Suffer In A Nursing Home

When the staff in nursing homes are not providing a resident with the care and attention they need, the elderly can suffer injuries in many different ways. Over the years, I have been practicing personal injury law; I help clients recover from injuries such as:

  • Bedsores – These pressure ulcers are wounds that result from remaining immobile for an extended length of time, which can lead to considerable complications, like infection.
  • Slip-and-fall injuries – When a resident tries to exit their bed or a shower on their own, it can quickly result in a fall that can cause broken bones, traumatic head injuries, lacerations and muscle damage.
  • Medication injuries – Staff that either overdose, underdose or give the wrong prescription to a resident can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to a patient.
  • Abuse – When staff engage in physical, emotional or other forms of abuse, the consequences can leave a victim with substantial emotional trauma and physical harm.

No matter what may have caused the injuries your loved one sustained, I am prepared to fight to maximize the settlement you receive in your injury claim.

Recognizing The Common Signs Of Abuse And Neglect In Nursing Homes

Nursing homes bear the responsibility of caring for our elderly loved ones, yet nursing home abuse and neglect persist in many Maryland facilities. Recognizing the signs of abuse or neglect in a loved one in nursing care involves being vigilant and observant. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Signs of abuse: Unexplained bruises, cuts, or injuries and broken bones or fractures without a reasonable explanation.
  • Signs of negligence: Untreated medical conditions or lack of necessary medications, weight loss or signs of malnutrition and poor personal hygiene.

Monitoring changes in behavior, communication patterns and overall well-being of your loved one is the best remedy to identify potential red flags.

Remember, vigilance and advocacy play pivotal roles in ensuring the well-being and dignity of your loved one residing in a nursing home. When you are unsure about whether something constitutes nursing home abuse or neglect, I can help you understand your legal options. Over the years, I have helped secure settlements worth over a million dollars.

Laws Safeguarding Nursing Home Residents In Maryland

Maryland has established stringent laws to protect the rights of nursing home residents. The Maryland Health Care Commission oversees compliance with regulations by ensuring facilities adhere to strict standards. Key provisions include:

  • Patient Bill of Rights: It outlines the fundamental entitlements of nursing home residents, including the right to respectful treatment, privacy and involvement in care decisions.
  • Quality standards of care: Facilities must meet specific guidelines to ensure residents receive adequate medical attention, nutrition and a safe living environment.
  • Ombudsman Program: This initiative ensures that residents have a voice and recourse in case of grievances, promoting transparency and accountability.

I can explain all the laws to ensure you familiarize yourself with them to safeguard your rights and promote a high standard of care in Maryland’s nursing homes.

What Your Compensation Should Include

A nursing home abuse claim should provide full and fair compensation for the related injuries and consequences of the incident. I will take the time to review the details of your claim to pursue a settlement that reflects expenses like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional and physical therapy
  • Medication costs
  • Pain and suffering

When insurance companies offer a lowball settlement for what happened, I will act on your behalf to reject offers that are beneath you while negotiating for something that you deserve. If negotiations cannot provide an outcome that you are satisfied with, I will continue my services by fighting for you in court through litigation.

Trusted And Local Representation

I am proud to offer the Hagerstown community personalized, local and experienced guidance through their nursing home injury claims. I understand how devastating it can be to learn that your loved one was hurt by someone appointed to care for them, and I am just as committed as you are to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

These claims are not just about seeking fair compensation for what your loved one has experienced. They are about sending a clear message that any kind of abuse or neglect in a nursing home is unacceptable.

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