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A personal injury can take away your ability to earn the money you need to pay the bills while piling thousands of dollars or more in medical expenses on you. When the reckless or negligent actions of someone else has caused you to suffer these injuries, get the help you need to hold them accountable.

Maximizing Your Injury Compensation

I am A.J. Serafini, a personal injury lawyer who is committed to helping clients throughout Maryland recover from even the most devastating injuries. I know what is at stake in these cases, and, at my firm, Serafini Law, I am prepared to guide you through your claim to pursue the outcome you deserve for your future.

Understanding The Potential Consequences Of A Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury can be caused in many different ways during an accident. While these injuries can be drastically different, one of the common factors in all of them is that they can have a lifetime of consequences. Common examples of these injuries include:

These injuries can change the way that you or your loved one lives, and it is only reasonable to expect compensation that covers the costs of these injuries.

The Financial Hardships Of An Accident

When seeking compensation in an injury claim, it is important to know what the current and future costs of your accident are before starting this pursuit. While every injury claim is different, I can review the details of your case to confirm what your settlement should reflect, including costs and losses such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical and emotional therapy
  • Lost income during recovery
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of consortium (a long-term emotional relationship)
  • Relocation or renovation costs to accommodate a disability
  • Pain and suffering

I am here for you to do everything I can to maximize the money you receive for your injuries, no matter what may have caused them.

Types Of Common Accidents Causing Personal Injuries

There are many different ways in which a reckless person can be responsible for an accident that causes catastrophic injuries. I have more than 12 years of experience helping clients overcome their injuries from accidents such as the following:

In the years that I have represented injured clients, I have secured verdicts and settlements worth millions of dollars, and I am prepared to fight for you just as hard throughout your entire claim process.

What I Do For My Clients

A.J. Serafini, personal injury lawyer

When someone comes to me for help, I make it my mission to take on all the responsibilities that I can in their claim for justice. While I am your legal representation, you can rely on me to manage the details of your claim while you focus on your health throughout the process.

I make it my mission to develop a personalized strategy for each of my clients. Services I provide include:

  • Negotiating with insurance agents
  • Identifying what a full and fair compensation value is
  • Gathering the necessary documents, testimonies and other evidence
  • Dealing with doctors, insurance agents and employers
  • Assisting with various medical needs and issues

No matter how overwhelming your claim may seem, I will be here to keep things simple for you while I fight for the outcome you deserve.

Understanding A Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most damaging and consequential types of harm the human body can endure. A severe concussion or other brain injury can cause long-term or permanent results affecting your physical, neurological and emotional health, including:

  • Cognitive impairments, such as difficulty problem-solving, processing abstract concepts, following directions and paying attention
  • Amnesia and other memory problems
  • Paralysis and weakness
  • Poor coordination, endurance or balance
  • Changes in hearing, vision and other senses
  • Difficulty speaking, understanding other people’s speech or reading
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Lowered emotional inhibitions and mood swings

Living with even one of these symptoms can dramatically impact your ability to earn an income and help raise your children. It can also affect your relationship with your spouse and the hobbies you enjoyed before your injury. While many brain injury patients recover some or all lost function, many face a lifelong injury that may never heal. Regardless of whether you eventually recover, you could be entitled to full compensation for the cost of your medical care, lost past and future wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Find Out What Personal Injury Compensation You Deserve

I am ready to discuss your case and explain your prospects for financial recovery. To schedule a free consultation, contact Serafini Law in Hagerstown by calling 240-641-1696 or filling out my email form. Now is a good time to reach out to me, so do not wait another moment to begin building your compensation claim.