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Retail Store Accident Lawyer in Hagerstown

Part of a shop owner’s responsibility is to ensure their guests are safe on company property. When they fail that responsibility, a customer can suffer life-altering and catastrophic injuries, and the company needs to be responsible for the harm they caused. With the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can hold a business owner accountable for the injuries you sustained while shopping.

Helping Injured Shoppers Recover After An Accident

My name is A.J. Serafini, and when a shopper gets hurt in the Hagerstown area, I want to be the attorney who helps them get back on their feet after their accident. I know what it takes to maximize the compensation my clients earn in for their premises liability injuries. I have regularly secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for my clients at my office of Serafini Law. My experience can guide you through your retail store accident claim, no matter how complicated your personal injury case may seem.

Examples Of Retail Accidents

Whether you are at a big box store, convenient store, gas station or other retail location, it is not likely that you will suffer any harm, but it is possible. Typical forms of retail injuries that a customer can experience include:

  • Loose spills
  • Cluttered walkways and sidewalks
  • Defective gas station pumps
  • Falling merchandise or fixtures
  • Escalator or elevator injuries

When you retain my services after such an accident, my main goal for you is to focus on your health while I manage the details of your claim, including gathering video footage and witness testimony and consulting with relevant expert witnesses.

Your personal injury claim should cover costs like medical bills, lost income, therapy (physical and emotional), loss of bodily function, and pain and suffering. As your injury lawyer, I will explore all possible options of pursuing the optional outcome in your claim to provide you with the full and fair compensation that you are entitled to.

Do Not Settle For Less In Your Injury Claim

When a business is liable for a personal injury, it will often act fast to minimize its liability or the money it pays for your injuries. Do not leave money on the table in your claim by representing yourself. Instead, contact a Maryland attorney you can depend on at 240-641-1696 or email me here to begin developing a personal injury claim plan today.